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Using the Contextual Event Framework to Coordinate Page Regions: Step 8


Using Contextual Events: Step 8

8. Map the event: Event mapping means that you tell the containing page how to route the event. You do this on the page that contains the regions to be coordinated. In the Structure window for its page definition, right-click the root node and select Edit Event Map. The Event Map editor has an upper portion where you specify the mapping:

Select the Producer (the method on the producer page fragment that constructs the payload for the event.) This should populate the Event Name for you, because in the page definition file for the producer page fragment, you have already specified the event to be raised when the method is invoked.

Select the consumer, which is the method to be invoked to handle the event.

Click the ellipsis button beside Parameters to supply the payload for the event. The Edit Consumer Params dialog box enables you to name the parameter and to use EL to specify the payload, which must be ${payLoad}. You can click the ellipsis in the Param Value column to use Expression Builder to choose this value from Payload Data.

After you have defined the mapping, click Add New to add it to the Event Entries Summary.