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Other ADF Faces Events (continued)

ReturnEvent: All command components

ReturnPopupDataEvent: inputListOfValues, inputComboboxListOfValues

ReturnPopupEvent: inputListOfValues, inputComboboxListOfValues

RowDisclosureEvent: tree, treeTable

SelectionEvent: tree, treeTable, table

SortEvent: treeTable, table

ValueChangeEvent: All input and select components (components that implement EditableValueHolder)

All server events have associated event listeners. For example, to process a LaunchEvent event, you would create a LaunchListener event listener implementation. All server event listener implementations must override a processEvent() method, where Event is the event type. For example, LaunchListener accepts an instance of LaunchEvent as the single argument; in your implementation you must override the event processing method, as shown in the method signature here:

public void processLaunch (LaunchEvent evt) {

// your code here


Instead of creating an event listener implementation, you can create an event listener method in a backing bean. Any event listener method must be a public method that accepts the event as the only parameter and returns void.

As you can see by the examples in the slide, the Property Inspector in JDeveloper exposes the proper listeners for the type of ADF Faces component being used.