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oracle adf workshop


Coordinating JSF and ADF Life Cycles

When a page is submitted and a new page requested, the application invokes both the JSF request life cycle and the ADF page life cycle.

The JSF life cycle handles the submission of values on the page, validation for components, navigation, and displaying the components on the resulting page and saving and restoring state. The JSF life-cycle phases use a UI component tree to manage the display of the faces components. This tree is a run-time representation of a JSF page: each UI component tag in a page corresponds to a UI component instance in the tree. The FacesServlet object manages the request processing life cycle in JSF applications. FacesServlet creates an object called FacesContext, which contains the information necessary for request processing, and invokes an object that executes the life cycle.

The ADF life cycle handles preparing and updating the data model, validating the data at the model layer, and executing methods on the business layer. The ADF life cycle uses the binding container to make data available for easy referencing by the page during the current page request.