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Characteristics of the Contextual Event Framework

When a page contains multiple regions that need to work together to display relevant information to the user, the need to communicate between regions becomes very important. This communication can be handled through an event framework called the Contextual Event Framework. This framework provides the page with the ability to map events to be produced and consumed by the page’s various regions, along with the information to be passed to the consumer regions.

In a typical scenario a consumer would need to register with the producer to get event notification. However, the contextual event framework in ADF enables the producer and consumer to be tied through an event routing mechanism. The producer publishes the contextual event it is going to raise. The page listens for the event and then routes it to the consumer.

The Contextual Event Framework includes the following characteristics:

A contextual event can go across data controls.

A contextual event can be raised or consumed only with a method action binding that must be only data control methods, not managed bean methods.

Event payload can either be primitive or any serializable object.