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Refreshing Binding Executables

Refreshing Iterator Bindings

For scalability reasons, at run time the iterator bindings in the binding container release any reference they have to a row set iterator at the end of each request. During the next request, the iterator bindings are refreshed to again point at a “live” row set iterator that is tracking the current row of some data collection. The act of refreshing an ADF iterator binding during the ADF page life cycle is the operation of accessing the row set iterator to reunite the binding to the row set iterator to which it is bound.

Refreshing Invoke Action Bindings

Refreshing an invoke action binding invokes the action.

Determining When to Refresh

You can use the Refresh property on iterator bindings and invoke action executables in your page definition file to control when each is evaluated during the ADF page life cycle. The valid values for the Refresh property are as follows:

deferred (the default): Enforces execution whenever demanded the first time, such as when a binding value is referenced in an EL expression. After it is called, it does not reexecute unless the binding itself or any parameter values for the binding have changed.

prepareModel: Refreshes just during the Prepare Model phase