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Using Scoped Managed Bean Variables


Using Scoped Managed Bean Variables

Scopes in JSF enable you to save the state of the model for holding and passing information to another page or to another life-cycle phase. JSF scopes for managed beans include:

application: The bean is available for the duration of the Web application. This is helpful for global beans such as LDAP directories.

session: The bean is available to the client throughout the client’s session.

request: The bean is available from the time it is instantiated until a response is sent back to the client. This is usually the life of the current page.

none: The bean is instantiated each time it is referenced. The bean is only usable within EL references in the task flow’s .xml file itself.

ADF Faces provides additional scopes:

view: Stores objects used by a single page and retains the objects as long as the user continues to interact with the page, and then automatically releases them when the user leaves the page

pageFlow: Makes it easier to pass values from one page to another within a task flow. This scope means that the bean is available for a set of pages in the current page flow or task flow.