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Passing Values to a Task Flow from a Task Flow Call Activity

Another situation where you would need to pass values to a task flow is when you call one task flow from another. A called ADF bounded task flow can accept input parameters from another ADF unbounded or bounded task flow and can pass return values to the caller upon exit. To pass an input parameter to a bounded task flow, you must specify:

Input parameter on the task flow call activity. These specify where the calling task flow stores parameter values.

Input parameter definition on the called bounded task flow. These specify where the called bounded task flow can retrieve parameter values.

The input parameter name specified for each of the above options should be the same in order to map input parameter values back into the called bounded task flow. The value for each corresponds to the mapping between where the value will be retrieved within the caller and the called task flow.

In the input parameter definition for the called bounded task flow, you can specify whether an input parameter is required. If a required input parameter is not received, a run-time error occurs. An input parameter definition that is identified as not required can be ignored during task flow call activity creation.