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oracle adf workshop


Passing a Value from a Page to a Reusable Page Fragment in a Region

The more types of parameters you use, the more reusable your components are. The page fragment in this diagram is represented as a view activity in a task flow used as a region on a containing page. Because parameters are used at each level, the page can be developed independently of all other components without regard to the names of page flow–scoped variables that are used on the page. The containing page uses a page parameter to pass its value to the region. The region uses a region parameter to pass the value on to the task flow, so the task flow can be developed independently of the page and reused in multiple pages. The task flow uses a task flow parameter to pass the value to its view activity, which then uses a view activity parameter to store the value in the page flow–scoped variable that is used by the page fragment. All of these parameters could be named differently, as long as output parameter of one level is the same name as the input parameter of the next level. For example, the region’s output parameter would have the same name as the task flow’s input parameter.