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Passing Parameters from a Task Flow to One of Its Pages

Instead of using task flow parameters directly in the pages that are in the task flow, you can make pages more reusable by using view activity input page parameters to map the task flow’s page flow–scoped variables to those expected by the page.

To define a view activity parameter, perform the following steps:

Select the view activity in the task flow diagram and in the Property Inspector, select the Page Parameters panel.

In the Input Page Parameter section, click Add.

Enter a from-value as an EL expression to specify where the parameter value is being passed from, such as #{pageFlowScope.pname}. If the value is coming from the task flow input parameter, it should match the value specified for the task flow input parameter.

Enter a to-value as an EL expression to specify where the page associated with the view activity can retrieve the value of the input page parameter, such as #{pageFlowScope.ename}.

This enables you to use a page in multiple task flows as the page for different views activities. The view activity acts as the mechanism for passing parameters from its task flow to its page.