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oracle adf workshop


Using Page Parameters

You define page parameters in the page definition of the page. The example in the slide shows setting a page parameter to a String value by using expression language, because the value of the parameter must be an expression.

You could also set the page parameter to a value contained in a managed bean or in the binding container. For example:


<parameter id="myDeptId" value="#{DepartmentBean.deptId}"/>

<parameter id= "fname" value=" #{bindings.FirstName.InputValue} "/>


You can access the parameter value in EL as #{bindings.<param name>}.

You can use page parameters to, for example, pass values into a page template, enabling use of the same template for a variety of different pages. Another example of using a page parameter is to set a value in a containing page to pass to a region (task flow) on the page.