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Creating an ADF Library


Creating an ADF Library

A project corresponds to one ADF Library JAR. If you create multiple projects and want to reuse components from each of the projects, you may need to create an ADF Library JAR for each project. In other situations, you may be able to involve multiple components under one project to create a single ADF Library JAR. For example, you may be able to create business components, application module, task flow, and page template all under one project and create one ADF Library JAR.

To package and deploy a project into the ADF Library JAR, perform the following steps:

1. In the left pane of the Project Properties window for the project that contains the component you want to make reusable, select Deployment and then click New.

2. In the Create Deployment Profile dialog box, select ADF Library JAR file for Archive Type drop-down list and enter a name for the deployment profile. Click OK.

3. Edit the profile you just created. In the ADF Library JAR Deployment Profile Properties dialog box, verify the default directory path or enter a new path to store your ADF Library JAR file. Click OK, and then click OK again.

4. In the Application Navigator, right-click the project and select the followng: from the context menu Deploy > deployment > to ADF Library, where deployment is the name of the deployment profile