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Creating a Resource Catalog


Creating a Resource Catalog

The Resource Palette is the mechanism for managing resource catalogs and connections. You can open the Resource Palette by selecting View > Resource Palette from the menu. From the Resource Palette you can create new catalogs or connections or import existing ones from an archive. You can also search for a resource.

You can create a new folder in a catalog by right-clicking the catalog and selecting New Folder. You also can apply a filter to selectively show or hide groups of resources, or you can export the catalog or connection to an archive. When you create a catalog, only you have permission to view or edit it. You can share the catalog by granting access to other users.

To add resources to a catalog, you first create a connection to those resources in the Connections panel of the Resource Palette. Then you can right-click the resource and select Add to Catalog. A pop-up list enables you to choose from the existing catalogs, or you can create a new one by clicking Show Hierarchy and then New Catalog.