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Characteristics of Regions


Characteristics of Regions

A region is a powerful new feature in Fusion that can be used within a page or page fragment. A region is a JSF component that represents a task flow as a smaller part of a larger page. You can use a region to wrap a task flow for display on a page that has other content.

A region is similar to a portlet in functionality and user behavior, but regions are used when the functionality is in a local context, whereas portlets are used when exposing the functionality for external usage. Because a region runs locally in the local context, it can share information and transaction boundaries with the rest of the items on the page, and it doesn’t have the overhead that a remote portlet does. Any task flow can also be wrapped as a portlet for external usage, but should be used as a region for internal use cases.

Building well-defined, parameterized task flows that can be used as regions on pages is a good way to provide reusable and highly maintainable segments of functionality across your application. You learn about passing parameter between regions in the lesson titled “Passing Values Between UI Elements.”