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Using a Page Fragment on a Page


Using a Page Fragment on a Page

When you build a JSF page using page fragments, the page can use one or more page fragments that define different portions of the page. The same page fragment can be used more than once on a page, and in multiple pages.

To consume a page fragment on a JSF page, at the part of the page that will use the page fragment contents, insert the jsp:include tag to include the desired page fragment file, as in the following example:

<jsp:include page="/fragment_page.jsff"/>

Another way to use a page fragment is as part of a bounded task flow that you add to a page as a region; this is described shortly.

When you modify a page fragment, the pages that consume the page fragment automatically display the modifications. With pages built from page fragments, when you make layout changes, you should check that the overall layout of pages that consume the page fragments still meet requirements.

If the consuming page uses Oracle ADF Model data binding, a page fragment used with jsp:include uses the binding container of the consuming page, so its page definition file is not loaded. Only page fragments created as part of ADF bounded task flows can have their own binding context.