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Using a Declarative Component on a Page


Using a Declarative Component on a Page

To use a declarative component on a page, you first have to ensure that the component appears in the Component Palette. You then can drag the component to a page just as you would any other component.

To use a declarative component in another project, you first must deploy the components’ project as an ADF library JAR file and then add it to your current project as described previously – but add it as a JSP tag library. After it is added to your project, the library appears in the drop down list in the Component Palette, and any declarative components defined in that library can be dragged to a JSF JSP.

You can use the Property Palette to provide values for the attributes that you defined. If you marked any of the attributes as required, when you drag the component to the page a dialog box appears to enable you to enter attribute values.