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Types of Reusable Components


Types of Reusable Components

The following reusable components are supported by ADF:

Data Control: Any data control can be packaged into an ADF Library JAR.

Application Module: When you package an application module data control, you also package the business components associated with that application module.

Business Components: Business components are the entity objects, view objects, and associations used in the business layer; you can package them by themselves or together with an application module.

Task Flows and Task Flow templates: Task flows can be packaged into an ADF Library JAR for reuse. ADF bounded task flows built using pages can be dropped onto pages, creating a link to call the bounded task flow. If an ADF task flow template was created in the same project as the task flow, the ADF task flow template is included in the ADF Library JAR and is reusable.

Page Templates: You can package a page template and its artifacts into an ADF Library JAR. If the template uses image files and they are included in a directory within your project, these files are also available for the template during reuse.

Declarative Components: You can create declarative components and package them for reuse. The tag libraries associated with the component are included and loaded into the consuming project.