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Removing an ADF Library from a Project

You can remove an ADF Library JAR only if there are no dependencies from any components to the ADF Library components. When you remove a JAR, it is no longer in the project class path and all its components are no longer available for use.

There are two ways to remove an ADF Library from a project:

By using the Resource Palette: Right-click the JAR in the Resource Palette and select Remove from Active Project.

Manually remove the JAR using the Project Properties window:

In the Application Navigator, double-click the project.

In the Project Properties dialog box, select Libraries in the left pane.

In the Libraries list, select ADF Library. Click Edit.

In the Edit Library Definition window, select the ADF Library JAR you want to remove under the Class Path node. Click Remove.

Click OK to accept the deletion, and Click OK again to exit the Project Properties window.

After you have deleted all ADF Library JAR files from the project, an ADF Library placeholder icon may still be present in the Project Properties Libraries window, as shown in the slide. You do not need to remove this icon.