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Adding an ADF Library to a Project Using the Resource Palette

Using the JDeveloper Resource Palette is the easiest and most efficient way to add library resources to a project. To add the component to the project using the Resource Palette, perform the following steps:

1. Select Resource Palette from the View menu.

2. In the Resource Palette window, click New and select Connection > File System from the context menu.

3. In the Create File System Connection dialog box, enter a name for the Connection ID and then enter the path of the JAR. Click Test Connection and then click OK if the connection is successful.

4. The new ADF Library JAR appears under the connection name in the Resource Palette. Right-click the JAR or any component within the JAR subdirectory and select Add to Active Project. The JAR is added to the class path and all its supported components are added to the current project.

You cannot choose to add only one component in a multicomponent ADF Library JAR, but for application modules and data controls, you have the option to drag the application module or data control from the Resource Palette into the Data Control Panel.