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oracle adf workshop


Designing for Reuse

Creating and consuming reusable components should be included in the early design and architectural phases of software projects. You and your development team should consider which components are candidates for reuse, not only in the current applications but also for future applications and for applications being developed in other departments.

When you create reusable components, you should try to create unique and relevant names for the application, project, application module, task flow, or any other relevant file or component. Do not accept the JDeveloper Wizard’s default names, but try to have unique names to avoid name conflicts with other projects or components in the application. You should also consider creating standardized naming conventions so both creators and consumers of ADF Library JARs can readily identify the component functionality.

You and your team should decide on the type of repository needed to store the library JARs, where to store them and how to access them. You should consider how to organize and group the library JARs in a structure that fits your organizational needs.