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Applying a Page Template to a Page

When you create a JSF JSP in JDeveloper, the wizard gives you the choice to use a page template. If you select to do so, you are presented with a list of known page templates from which to choose. When you select a template, the wizard presents attributes that are defined in the template so that you can set initial values, such as title in the example presented previously. Then the template-based page opens in the visual editor, and you can drop components, regions, or portlets into one of the named facets on the page. You cannot modify the template itself from this page.

Pages that are created by using page templates are accessed, packaged, versioned, bookmarked, and consumed as is any other stand-alone page.

You can also apply a page template to a page fragment. Page fragments are discussed later in this lesson.

Note: A page template does not necessarily need to be used to construct a single page or page fragment. It can also be used as reusable sections of the page. However, there is no design-time support for this, and doing so is outside the scope of this course.