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Characteristics of Page Templates

A page template provides a reusable page definition that enforces consistent branding and page layout across the application. It enables developers to change the branding and page layout for all the pages or page fragments that use the page template by changing only the page template definition. Templates can contain attributes and ADF bindings.

Page templates use standard ADF components; so all skins are automatically applied. They cannot be nested, or based on another page template. Pages that use the same page template take advantage of partial page refresh—just the content that is specific to a page changes without the need to refresh the template.

There are two sets of page template definition files:

For each page template there is:

A JSP xml file (.jspx): Defines the rendered UI in terms of other JSF components, facet references, and EL expressions resolved against the page template’s UI attributes and model

An optional model-specific file; for example, an ADF page definition (.pdm) file

Across all page templates there is:

A pagetemplate-metadata.xml file: Contains the paths of all the page template definitions in the project; located in the META-INF directory of the project

An application or library .cpx file: Contains any application and library-wide model information