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Restricting BC Visibility in Libraries

When deploying a library for reuse, there may be some business components that are not intended for reuse, but must be included in the library because other components depend upon them. For example:

The library developer wants consuming projects to access components in the library only through services exposed on the application module. All components in the library are private and may not be reused.

The library developer wants consuming projects to access an entity object only by using or extending view objects in the library; the entity object contains attributes that should not be exposed in any view object. In this case the entity object is private and the view objects are public.

You can mark an ADF BC object as public (the default) or private. Setting Library Private to true keeps the object from appearing to the consumer who is browsing the library JAR.

To mark a BC object as private, perform the following steps:

Open the object in the editor.

In the Property Inspector, click the Type tab and set Library Private to true.

When an object is marked as private, it is not visible in the Resource Catalog or in the Application Navigator of the consuming project.