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Characteristics of Partial Page Rendering (PPR)


Partial Page Rendering

Unlike standard JSF events, ADF Faces events support Ajax-style partial postbacks to enable Partial Page Rendering (PPR), which enables refreshing portions of page content that have minimal processing without the need to redraw the entire page. In ADF Faces components, this is implemented by a hidden IFrame, which is automatically added to a Web page when one of the following ADF Faces elements is used: af:document, afh:body or af:panelPartialRoot.

PPR is currently supported on the following browsers:

Internet Explorer 7.0 and above on Windows

Firefox and above

Two main Ajax patterns are implemented with PPR:

Single component refresh: Implemented natively; for example, the ADF Faces table component comes with built-in functionality that enables you to scroll through the table, sort the table by clicking a column header, mark a line or several lines for selection, and expand specific rows in the table—all through declarative property settings with no coding needed.

Cross-component refresh: Implemented declaratively or programmatically by the application developer by defining ADF Faces UI components to act either as a trigger for a partial update or as a partial listener to be updated.