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Using ADF Faces Skins


Using ADF Faces Skins

You can change the appearance or look and feel of an application without having to rewrite the user interface. A skin in ADF Faces is a global style sheet that only needs to be set in one place for the entire application. Every component automatically uses the styles as described by the skin. Any changes to the skin are picked up at run time, so no change to code is needed. Skins are based on the Cascading Style Sheet specification, using CSS 3.0 syntax.

In addition to using a CSS file to determine the styles, skins also use a resource bundle to determine the text. For example, the words “Previous” and “Next” in the navigation bar of the ADF Faces table component are determined by using the skin’s resource bundle. All the included skins use the same resource bundle.

ADF Faces provides three main skins that are provided for you to use in your applications:

Oracle (oracle): The default skin that conforms to Oracle’s UI standards (Browser Look and Feel - BLAF) for applications

Minimal (minimal): Provides some formatting

Simple (simple): Contains almost no special formatting