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Displaying Items in a Content Container Offset by Color


Displaying Items in a Content Container Offset by Color

You can display content in a container that can have a colored background. The af:panelBox component enables you create a container that has a header, which can contain a title with an optional icon. Under the header is the box for your contents, as shown in the slide.

To use a colored content container for your contents, perform the following steps:

1. Add the Panel Box component to the JSF page.

2. Set attributes as needed:

Background: Set to light (default), medium, dark, or transparent.

Text: Set to the text string to display as the title in the header of the container.

Icon: Set to the URI of the icon image you want to display before the header text. Note: If both the Text and Icon attributes are not set, ADF Faces does not display the header portion of the content container.

TitleHalign: Set the horizontal alignment of the title to one of the following values: center, start, end, left, or right.

InlineStyle: Set the width of the container box to the exact pixel size or a percent.

ContentStyle: Change style of contents inside the container; for example, set to background-color:Lime to change the color of the box to lime green.

Note: Color should never be used to convey information because of accessibility issues.