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Displaying a Bulleted List


Displaying a Bulleted List

You can use af:panelList to display a bulleted list in one or more columns. Use one af:panelList component to create each list of items. By default, all rendered child components of af:panelList are displayed in a single column. You can surround the child components in a Panel Form Layout component to split the list into two or more columns.

To create a styled list of items, perform the following steps:

1. Add the Panel List component to the JSF page.

2. Insert the desired number of child components (to display as bulleted items).

3. To style the child components, set the ListStyle attribute to a valid CSS 2.1 list style value, such as one of the following:




For example, entering list-style-type:disc into the ListStyle property corresponds to a disc bullet.

You can nest af:panelList components to create a list hierarchy that has outer items and inner items, where the inner items belonging to an outer item are indented under the outer item. You can use an af:panelGroupLayout component to wrap the components that make up each group of outer item and its inner items.