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Using ADF Faces Layout Components


Using ADF Faces Complex Layout Components

ADF Faces layout components include the following:

spacer, separator: Add blank space and divider lines.

panelSplitter, panelStretchLayout: Enable automatic component stretching in your pages.

panelSplitter, panelAccordion: Create collapsible panes.

panelFormLayout: Arrange items in columns or grids.

panelTabbed: Create stacked tabs.

showDetail: Hide and display groups of content.

panelGroupLayout: Enable automatic scroll bars in your pages, and arrange items horizontally or vertically.

panelCollection: Add menus, toolbars, and status bars to data aggregation components such as tables, trees, and tree tables.

panelHeader, showDetailHeader: Create titled sections and subsections.

group: Group semantically related components.

panelList, panelBox: Create styled lists and content boxes.

panelBorderLayout, panelStretchLayout: Place items in fixed, peripheral areas around a central area.

The following slides show how to use these components for various layout tasks. OTN also has the ADF Faces Rich Client Demos that show how to use layout components.