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Printing Layout Panel Content

The af:showPrintablePageBehavior operation creates a printable page that the user can print by using the browser’s Print button. To allow printing, place the af:showPrintablePageBehavior component (an Operations component) within the page. The showPrintablePageBehavior tag is an operation, so you can drag it from the Operations components section of the Component Palette to a button or other component that executes an operation.

If the page contains a layout component with panes, such as a panel splitter, place the button that contains the af:showPrintablePageBehavior component in the facet whose pane contents you want users to be able to print. For example, in a panel splitter, if the second facet is the main content area of the af:panelSplitter component, then insert the button that contains the af:showPrintablePageBehavior component into that facet. If you insert af:showPrintablePageBehavior anywhere outside of af:panelSplitter, the printed result may not contain all of the main content area.

Therefore, it is important to place the print operation within the af:panelSplitter facet whose pane contents users would normally want to print. If both facets need printing support, then insert one af:showPrintablePageBehavior component into each facet. To print contents of both panes, the user then has to execute the print command one pane at a time.