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Enabling Automatic Component Stretching

Some ADF Faces components, however, do reposition and resize their children when the browser size changes. Such components include af:panelSplitter and af:panelStretchLayout, which automatically use client-side geometry management to control the stretching of their child components. You don’t have to write any code to enable the stretching; simply use either af:panelSplitter or af:panelStretchLayout to contain your page contents.

Although a geometry management component stretches its children, the component itself does not stretch automatically. So unless the geometry management component is the root component for your page contents, you must set a property to tell it to fill up the section of the window where it is displayed.

To stretch and position your outermost layout panel component, you can set the maximized property of af:document to true (the default). If the root component is stretchable, it then stretches, both vertically and horizontally, to fit the browser viewport.

To horizontally stretch any component that does not stretch automatically, set its Width property to 100%. You should not, however, set the Height property to 100%. If you want to stretch a component vertically, you should place it in a stretched component that automatically stretches its children.