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Enabling PPR Declaratively

For a component to trigger another component to refresh, the trigger component must have a unique ID, which is a valid XML name, and must cause a submit when an appropriate action takes place. For a component to be refreshed as triggered by another component, it must declare which other components are the triggers.

The following are three main component attributes used in PPR:

autoSubmit: When set to true, and an appropriate action takes place (such as a value change), the component automatically submits the enclosing form. For PPR, you may use this in conjunction with a listener attribute bound to a method that performs some logic when an event that is based on the submit is launched.

partialSubmit: When set to true, the page partially submits when the button or link is clicked. You might use this in conjunction with an actionListener method that performs some logic when the button or link is clicked.

partialTriggers: Use this attribute to list the IDs of components whose change events are to trigger this component to be refreshed. Use a space between multiple IDs. When any of those triggering components is submitted or updated (for example, through an autoSubmit), this component is also updated. All rendered components support the partialTriggers attribute.