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Displaying Table Menus, Toolbars, and Status Bars

You can use the af:panelCollection component to add menus, toolbars, and status bars to data aggregation components such as tables, trees, and tree tables. You would create the af:panelCollection component, then add the table, tree, or tree table component as a direct child of the panelCollection.

The af:panelCollection tag contains a menu facet for af:menu, a toolbar facet for af:toolbar, a secondaryToolbar facet for another af:toolbar, and a statusbar facet. The table, tree, or tree table is added after the last facet.

The default top level menu and toolbar items depends on the child component being used:

Tables and trees: Default top level menu is View.

Tables and tree table: Default toolbar menu is Detach.

Tree and tree table (when the pathStamp is used): The toolbar buttons Go Up, Go To Top, and Show as Top also appear.