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Arranging Items Horizontally or Vertically, with Scrollbars

The af:panelGroupLayout component enables you to arrange a series of children components vertically or horizontally without wrapping, or consecutively with wrapping, as shown in the first example in the slide. The layout attribute value determines the arrangement of the children.

In all arrangements, each pair of adjacent children components can be separated by a line or white space using the separator facet on af:panelGroupLayout.

When using the horizontal layout, the children can also be vertically or horizontally aligned. For example, you could make a short component beside a tall component align at the middle, as shown in the second layout in the slide.

Unlike af:panelSplitter or af:panelStretchLayout, the af:panelGroupLayout component does not stretch its children. You can use af:panelGroupLayout in situations where you’re already using af:panelSplitter or af:panelStretchLayout as the root component for the page, and you have a large number of children components to flow normally but are not to be stretched, as in the second example in the slide.