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oracle adf workshop


Hiding and Displaying Groups of Content (continued)

An org.apache.myfaces.trinidad.event.DiscloserEvent is raised when the user clicks the toggle icon,. You can perform special handling of this event by binding the component’s disclosureListener attribute to a DisclosureListener method in a backing bean. The DisclosureListener method must be a public method with a single

DisclosureEvent event object and a void return type, as shown in the following example:

public void some_disclosureListener(DisclosureEvent disclosureEvent) {

// Add event handling code here


By default, DisclosureEvent events are usually delivered in the Invoke Application phase, unless the component’s immediate attribute is set to true. When immediate is true, the event is delivered in the earliest possible phase, usually the Apply Request Values phase.

On the client-side component, the AdfDisclosureEvent is fired. The event root for the client AdfDisclosureEvent is set to the event source component; only the event for the pane whose disclosed attribute is true gets sent to the server.

You learn more about events in the lesson titled “Responding to Application Events.”