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Setting Panel Accordion Properties (continued)

The discloseMany attribute governs how many panes can be visible at once.

Set to true if you want users to be able to expand and see the contents of more than one pane at the same time.

By default, discloseMany is false. This means only one pane can be expanded at any one time. For example, suppose there is one expanded pane A and one collapsed pane B when the page first loads. If the user expands pane B, pane A will be collapsed, as only one pane can be expanded at any time.

The discloseNone attribute governs whether users can collapse all panes.

Set the discloseNone attribute to true to enable users to collapse all panes.

By default, discloseNone is false. This means one pane must remain expanded at any time.

You can add toolbars and toolbar buttons in the pane headers. To add toolbar buttons to a pane, insert the af:toolbar component into the toolbar facet of the af:showDetailItem component that defines that pane. Then insert the desired number of af:commandToolbarButton components into the af:toolbar component. Although the toolbar facet is on af:showDetailItem, it is the parent component af:panelAccordion that renders the toolbar and its buttons.

To allow users to print the contents of a single pane, place the af:showPrintablePageBehavior component (wrapped in af:commandButton) within the af:showDetailItem whose pane contents you want users to be able to print.