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Setting Panel Accordion Properties

The following properties govern behavior of the panel accordion at run time:

discloseNone: Allows all panes to be collapsed at once (default is false)

discloseMany: Allows multiple panes to be expanded at once (default is false)

The following properties of showDetailItem affect the behavior of the accordion panes:

flex: Specifies a nonnegative integer that determines how much space is distributed among the af:showDetailItem components of one af:panelAccordion. By default, flex is 0 (zero), that is, the pane contents of each af:showDetailItem are inflexible. To enable flexible contents in a pane, specify a flex number larger than 0.

inflexibleHeight: Specifies the number of pixels a pane will use. Default is 100 pixels. This means if a pane has a flex value of 0 (zero), ADF Faces will use 100 pixels for that pane, and then distribute the remaining space among the non-zero panes. If the contents of a pane cannot fit within the af:panelAccordion container given the specified inflexibleHeight value, ADF Faces automatically pushes out nearby contents into overflow menus, as described previously.

Because neither of the above components automatically stretches its children, you may need to set the width and height of any children of showDetailItem to 100%.