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Using Menus for Navigation


Using Menus for Navigation

ADF Faces provides menu bars and toolbars that you can add to a page. Menu items and toolbar buttons enable users to perform some change on a selected object or to navigate somewhere else in the application. A toolbox can be used to group menus and multiple toolbars together. The example in the slide contains both a menu bar and a toolbar.

Both menu items and toolbar buttons have the capability to display differently when selected. Additionally, they can both navigate to other pages in the application, and perform any logic needed for navigation in the same way that other command components do.

You use the menuBar component to render a bar that contains the menu bar items, such as File in the example. Each item on a menu bar item is rendered by a menu component, which holds a vertical menu. Each vertical menu consists of a list of commandMenuItem components that can invoke some operation on the application. You can nest menu components inside menu components to create submenus.