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Using XML Menu Model for Dynamic Navigation Items


Using XML Menu Model for Dynamic Breadcrumbs

For a very simple page hierarchy, you can manually create navigational components, such as breadcrumbs or navigation panes, and add navigation items for each. However, this becomes very cumbersome when a navigational hierarchy encompasses several pages. An ADF menu model enables you to create complex navigational hierarchies without all the tedious manual coding.

You can organize related JSF pages in a treelike hierarchy that users can navigate to drill down or up to another level of the hierarchy by using navigation items in navigation panes or breadcrumbs. The XML Menu Model represents navigation for a page hierarchy in XML format. The hierarchy is described within the menu element. The hierarchy is composed of nodes, each of which can correspond to a page. The menu element can contain the following types of nodes:

groupNode: Contains one or more child nodes to navigate to indirectly; must reference the ID of at least one of its child nodes, which can be an item node or another group node

itemNode: A node that performs navigation upon selection

sharedNode: References another XML menu; used to link or include various menus

For more information and examples of creating an XML Menu hierarchy, see the Web User Interface Developer’s Guide for ADF and the Fusion Developer’s Guide for ADF.