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oracle adf workshop


Defining Access Keys

You can define access keys (also known as mnemonics or shortcut keys) in the Property Inspector for the component by entering the mnemonic character in the AccessKey property.

Use one of the following attributes to specify a keyboard character for an ADF Faces input or command and go component:

accessKey: Use to set the mnemonic character used to gain quick access to the component. For command buttons, command links, go buttons, and go links, the character specified by this attribute must exist in the text attribute of the component; otherwise, ADF Faces does not display the visual indication that the component has an access key.

textAndAccessKey: Use to simultaneously set the text and the mnemonic character for a component using the ampersand (&) character. In JSPX files, use & for an ampersand; in JSP files and in the Property Inspector you need to use only the &. The ampersand should precede the character to be used as an access key.

labelAndAccessKey: Use to simultaneously set the label attribute and the accesskey on an input component, using conventional ampersand notation

valueAndAccessKey: Use to simultaneously set the value attribute and the access key, using conventional ampersand notation. The example in the slide specifies the label as Select Date and sets the access key to e, the letter immediately after the ampersand.