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oracle adf workshop


Creating a Train

To create a train, perform the following steps:

1. Create a bounded task flow, being sure to select the Create Train check box.

2. Drag View components to the task flow; these become train stops. You can add other components to the task flow as needed, but flow between train stops is defined automatically.

3. Double-click each view to create the page, and drag a Train component to the page. By default it binds to the train model of the task flow.

Drag a train button bar to the page, which also by default binds to the task flow’s train model.

Add whatever content you want to appear on the page.

The bottom part of the slide shows a series of pages that were created by following the steps above, adding an output text component to each page that shows the current train stop. The running pages are also shown.

A train component has a nodeStamp facet, which accepts an af:commandNavigationItem component to act as a stamp for the train component, stamping out each train stop in the train model. When you bind the train to the task flow’s train model, you do not explicitly define these navigation item components; they are implicit.