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Binding Breadcrumbs to an XML Menu Model

In the example page hierarchy that we have discussed, to view Health information, the user would start drilling from the Home page and choose Benefits, then choose Insurance page where two choices are presented, one of which is Health. The path of links starting from Home and ending at Health is known as the focus path in the tree, and can be represented on a page as breadcrumbs.

Using an XML Menu Model to display dynamic breadcrumbs is similar to the way you use the navigation pane. On any page, to show the user’s current position in relation to the entire page hierarchy, you can use the af:breadCrumbs component with one af:commandNavigationItem component as a nodeStamp, to provide a path of links from the current page back to the root page (that is, the current nodes in the focus path). You can bind the value attribute of the af:breadCrumbs component to an XML menu model, and use one af:commandNavigationItem in the nodeStamp facet of af:breadCrumbs to stamp out the items for a page.

Set the Value and Var properties on the breadCrumbs component the same way as for the navigation pane—you can even use the same values for these properties. Then set the navigation item properties as for the navigation item in the navigation pane.

Note: You also can bind a tree to an XML menu model and use it on pages for navigation.