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oracle adf workshop


Using a Navigation Pane

The af:navigationPane component is a layout component that creates a series of navigation items representing one level in a navigation hierarchy. You can create this hierarchy manually, or you can bind the navigation pane to the XML Menu Model. You create one navigation pane for each level of the hierarchy.

To set up a hierarchy manually, you define one global navigation rule that can access each page in the hierarchy. Then create a navigation pane for each level of the hierarchy, setting the Hint attribute as described below. Drag navigation items to each navigation pane for the pages that should display at its level of the hierarchy. For each navigation item, set the Action to a String outcome corresponding to one of the outcomes in the global navigation rule.

Depending on the Hint attribute of the navigation pane, the navigation items can be rendered as:

Bar: Displays the navigation items separated by a bar


Choice: Displays navigation items in a pop-up list when the associated icon is clicked (you must include a value for the navigation pane’s icon attribute)

List: Bulleted list


You would need to add the navigation panes to each page that should display them, or use a page fragment or page template, discussed in the lesson titled “Ensuring Reusability.”