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oracle adf workshop


Creating Menus

To create and use menus in a menu bar, perform the following steps:

1. Drag a Panel Menu Bar from the Component Palette to the JSF page.

2. Drag the desired number of Menu components into the menu bar.

3. Drag a Menu Item from the Component Palette; you can drag to a menu or directly into the Panel Menu Bar, which renders similar to a button onto the menu bar.

4. Within each menu component, drag and drop Menu Item components from the Component Palette to insert a series of af:commandMenuItem components to define the items in the vertical menu.

5. Set properties of menu components in the Property Inspector. In addition to setting text and access key as described previously, you can set the following properties:

Accelerator: The keystroke to activate this menu item’s command when the item is selected. ADF Faces converts the keystroke and displays a text version of the keystroke (for example, Ctrl + O) next to the menu item label.

Icon: Enter the URI of the image file you want to display before the menu item label.

Disabled: Set to true to disable this menu item.

Type: Check, radio, antonym