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Using the af:query Component


Using the af:query Component

The af:query component is used for transactional searches, providing a comprehensive set of search criteria and controls. The query component is a full-featured component that can support multiple search criteria, dynamically adding and deleting criteria, selectable search operators, match all/any selections, seeded or saved searches, basic and advanced modes, and personalization of searches.

It has the following two modes that the user can toggle by clicking a button that appears if the ModeChangeVisible property of the query component is set to true:

Basic mode query form features include:

Drop-down list of selectable search criteria operators

Custom list of operators

Custom operators

Selectable where clause conjunction of either and or or (match all or match any)

Saved searches and seeded searches

Personalizing saved searches

Advanced mode query form features include the ability for a user to dynamically add search criteria by selecting from a list of searchable attributes. The user can subsequently delete any criteria that were added.