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Using ADF Faces Output Components


Using ADF Faces Output Components

ADF Faces provides components for displaying text, icons, and images, and for playing audio and video clips on application pages.

You can output error or warning messages with the af:message or af:messages component.

Read-only text, either specified explicitly or from a resource bundle or bean, is displayed using the af:outputText and af:outputFormatted components. As implied by the names of the components, you can specify a certain amount of formatting for text displayed using the af:outputFormatted component. For styling output text, setting the whole of the text to some style, you use the styling features available with both components.

Each skin used for the presentation of an application provides icons representing standard functions such as an error or a warnings, which you can display using the af:icon component with the name of the type of icon (required, warning, info, error, or logo).

Many other ADF Faces components can have icons associated with them, such as a menu where each of the menu items can have an associated icon. You identify the image to use for each one as the value of an icon attribute for the component itself.

To play back an audio clip or a video clip, you use the af:media component. These components have attributes for you to define how the item is presented in the page.