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Using Tree Tables


Using Tree Tables

The ADF Faces tree table component af:treeTable displays hierarchical data in the form of a table. The display is more elaborate than the display of an af:tree component. The af:treeTable component can display columns of data for each tree node in the hierarchy. The component includes mechanisms for focusing in on subtrees within the main tree, as well as expanding and collapsing elements in the hierarchy.

The immediate children of an af:treeTable component must be af:column components, in the same way as for af:table components. The af:treeTable component has a nodeStamp facet, which renders the object name column. This is the column that contains the primary identifier of an element in the hierarchy. For example, in a hierarchy of products, the object name column might be the category name or the product name.

The af:treeTable component supports the same vertical and horizontal grid lines and banding as the table component.