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Using Tables


Using Tables

The ADF Faces table component af:table is similar to the standard JSF component but provides additional features, including the ability to sort columns by clicking the column header, filtering data, reordering columns, and selecting a single row or multiple rows.

Table attributes enable you to specify the look and feel of the table, whether users will be able to select rows, or reorder columns, as well as identifying the data to be displayed.

The immediate children of a table component must all be column components, af:column. Each visible column component is displayed as a separate column in the table. For sets of columns that are related in some way, you can group them into column groups, with one heading spanning several columns.

Attributes of each column specify details of the column such as the alignment of values, whether values are allowed to wrap within cells, and whether the column can be sorted, and if so, on which property it is to be sorted. To specify the headers and footers for columns, header and footer facets are available.

Within a column, both ADF Faces and standard JSF tags can be used for displaying the data.