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Selecting a Value from a List


Selecting a Value from a List

For input fields where the set of allowable values is held in a managed bean or in your application model, you can allow users to select the value they want from a provided list of values. ADF Faces provides several selection components:

The af:selectItem component represents a single item that the user may select from a list, choice, option buttons, or shuttle ADF control.

The af:inputListOfValues component provides users with a search dialog box from which they can select a value to enter. This component enables a user to select from a large list of values to populate the LOV field (and possibly other fields) on a page. It is typically used in situations where the list of values is too large to display in a drop-down list. In addition to rendering an af:inputText component, the af:inputListOfValues component also renders a Search icon. Clicking the icon launches a Search and Select dialog box that enables the user to find an option that goes into the LOV field on the base page.

The af:inputComboboxListOfValues component gives the user two different ways to select an item to input: from a drop-down list, or by searching a list.