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Defining Lists at the Model Layer


Defining Lists at the Model Layer

For a consistent UI, it is preferable to specify and define lists in the model layer. You can do this by performing the following steps:

1. Define a view accessor on the entity object to reference the data that composes the list. (This is the same view accessor that would also be used by a Key Exists validator or a List validator.)

2. For the view object attribute where you want to use the list for input, define List of Values properties:

Select the attribute on the Attribute tab of the view object.

In the List of Values section of the Attribute tab, click Add.

Under List Data Source, select the view accessor to use and the attribute whose value is to be returned to this attribute.

Under List Return Values, optionally add any other attribute values that you want to return to the base view object.

Click Edit List UI Hints to specify the list type and display options.

Changing the type of list defined in the model does not automatically change any list components that already exist on pages. To change the type of list used for an existing component on a page, you need to delete the component, change the list type that is defined in the model, and drag the data element to the page again.