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Using ADF Faces Input Components


Using ADF Faces Input Components

Input components accept user input in a variety of formats. The most common formats are text, numbers, date, and selection lists. The entered values or selections may be validated and converted before they are processed further. These values may be data that will eventually be committed to a database or search criteria values in a search form that will be used to construct a query statement.

ADF Faces input components provide a variety of UI devices for entering data, such as:

The basic input component for text is inputText.

Numbers: They can be entered by using a number slider (inputNumberSlider), or a number spinbox (inputNumberSpinbox), or for entering the endpoints of a range of numbers, a horizontal or a vertical range slider (inputRangeSlider).

Dates: Users can select the date from a calendar (chooseDate), and can have the date entered into an input field (inputDate).

Colors: Users can select the color from a color chooser (chooseColor), and can have the color name entered into an input field (inputColor).

All input components (except af:selectItem) have a changed attribute that when set to true (the default is false) would enable a change indicator icon to be displayed upon changes in the Value field. This feature is an easy way to enable users to see which input values have changed.