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Automatically Creating a Text Resource

You do not need to manually edit the resource bundle file to create a text resource (name–value pair). The JDeveloper IDE provides a simpler way to do this.

1. In the Property Inspector, click the arrow to the right of the text attribute for which you want to enter a text resource and choose Select Text Resource. The first time you do this, the appropriate resource bundle file is created if it does not already exist.

2. In the Select Text Resource dialog box, you can either select an existing text resource or create a new one: enter a Display Value (the text that should be displayed in the UI and that is translatable), a key (defaults based on the Display Value, but you can change it), and a Description (how the text resource is to be used). Then click Save and Select (or Select when choosing an existing text resource).

3. The UI reflects the string, whereas the property shows the EL expression that refers to the text resource.

4. The text resource is added to the resource bundle.